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Hello Rosie
Mother of the Bride here! Thank you so much for all your help leading up to the wedding day and on the day itself. You were the epitome of cool, calm efficiency diffusing the general hubbub we were creating, especially on Friday!
Charlotte had worked so hard to organise all aspects of the wedding and I know it meant a lot to her (and therefore me!) to have you there ensuring everything went to plan on the day. 
We couldn’t have wished for a happier day for Charlotte, Alex and all our guests. Thank you for being part of it Rosie.
With best wishes,


"Dear Rosie,
Hope you are well and looking forward to a well deserved Christmas break after your hugely busy last 6 months! We just wanted to say a ginormous thank you. Honestly, there is no we we could have done it without you and all our guidance / support in the lead up to the day. If someone said they were not having an on the da planning with ht many guests I would tell them they were mad. You really made it so Harry and i could fully enjoy every moment of the day without having to think of anything and my goodness were hurdles thrown with the torrential weather. There were so many things that would have gone wrong if you weren't there to sort and pre-empt it and we are just so grateful and relieved that we found you. Lots of my friends are getting married and I will be giving them your number and saying you are the best investment they could ever make towards their wedding. You are extremely talented and I can't wait to keep following you on Instagram and seeing all the projects and evens you continue to work on. Thank you so much again there is really no way to express on paper. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Love Hattie and Harry x x x "


"I cannot thank Rosie enough for the perfect day she has put together! Not only does she have great style, she also has a fantastic understanding of the options out there to match any requirements. For example, I wanted an exclusive hire venue for the whole weekend with no-corkage and quirky charm (not easy to find) so Rosie's knowledge was invaluable. Rosie is incredibly communicative, hardworking, and organised and will be there to guide you through. There are many unnoticed things at weddings which you need to consider and having someone to make sure you are checking everything off in good time means the process is easy, stress free, and actually a delight. By the time your wedding comes around you can enjoy your day knowing it's in safe hands. I would 100% recommend Rosie to anyone on their wedding journey looking for the unique day they have always dreamed of as she will deliver!"


Rosie and her team were absolutely fantastic from start to finish, Rosie was so in control of the day, it made us feel so relaxed, we could just enjoy the day without any worry at all. Nothing was too much trouble for Rosie and was always in the right place at the right time to help whenever needed like a 6th sense! It was genuinely great to have you part of the day and we loved how the day flowed so effortlessly. I can’t reiterate more how amazing you were and it was great to have you part of the day! Thank you again so much :) 

TH 2020

"Rosie was a dream to work with! She is so attentive and does everything with love! I highly recommend working with her!"

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