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Why scented candles are a must at your wedding

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

So, I have a theory!

Scent is more important than most of us realise - Of all the senses, the olfactory system (sense of smell) is the most important trigger of memory.

The olfactory system is located in the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory, and creativity. So, that part of the brain that processes smell, interacts with regions of the brain that are responsible for storing emotional memories. Therefore, a smell becomes associated with the particular experience, person, or time period with which it is repeatedly paired. For example, sudden scents, like smelling salts, will jolt the mind or a freshly baked pancake will take us to our childhood.

So, how about the couple getting married design their own scent which triggers their memories / emotions and perhaps even reminds them of people that sadly aren't around anymore (we all remember the scent of a loved one's perfume) !? When guests walk in to the room at the wedding, they are met with a new, gorgeous smell which triggers the olfactory system and therefore emotions, which means this day should be engrained in their memory!

Now, think about bespoke candles as wedding favours with the same scent as the wedding day, which guests can take home and light another day. When they light the candle, their memories should be triggered and remind them of the amazing day!

Basically, personalised scents are something I would like to incorporate in to all my weddings because for me, a wedding is and should be a memorable experience <3

Here's a little blurb from one of my brides about her scented candles:

"I wanted to have scented candles on the tables at our wedding but when I mentioned it to my now husband, he was very far from convinced that it was necessary and was sure no one would be able to smell it in amongst the food smells and the fact that there would be 120 people diluting any candles put on the table. Honestly, I am so glad I convinced him that it would work! When everyone walked into the room for dinner not only were they greeted by the sight of the stunning tables, they were hit by this beautiful smell. So many people commented on it, and we could smell them the whole way through the meal. It was so lovely on the day. I love that I can buy the candles now and it takes me back to that moment, sat in the room surrounded by all our friends and family and next to my wonderful new husband :)"

If you are a bride, get scented candles! If you are a candle maker, please get in touch! x

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