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Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Did you know that on average, one wedding produces the same amount of CO2 as a large family does in a year?

The environmental cost of weddings is not always factored into wedding planning and decisions for the big day, but whether it’s the travel of guests to and from your venue, the production of new dresses, suits and boots, or your waste production on the day, all of your decisions have an environmental consequence.

Luckily, the attitude to this issue is changing, and brides- and grooms-to-be are becoming more focussed on creating a wedding that’s more eco-friendly – a wedding which aims to minimize its carbon footprint, but take nothing away from the most important day of your life.

Eco-friendly weddings have been a hot topic recently – here are my favourite hints and tips:

- Getting smart on travel – for most weddings, the travel of guests to and from the venue will be the single biggest carbon polluter, especially for those of us who prefer to tie the knot overseas. There is an inevitability of when it comes to travel, but you can get smart on how to reduce emissions and still make sure your nearest and dearest are there to dance the night away. For travel abroad, considering carbon offsetting or planning alternative routes by rail or road for your guests. For venues closer to home, can you organize shared transport for the “Cornwall Crew”?

- Finding local suppliers is by far the most eco-friendly and fulfilling because it means less shipping / fuel / energy has been put in to getting them to your venue and it supports small local businesses, which, let's be honest, they need in these times.

- Real petal confetti – It's natural, biodegradable and pretty. You can even make this at home or of course you can buy it... Proper Confetti is just one company of many in the UK. Or of course biodegradable / biofetti confetti which dissolves when it rains!

- Eco-friendly wedding cake!? Poppy at The Hazlebury Kitchen makes her delicious cakes without any waste. The ingredients are all responsibly sourced and the cakes are STUNNING! ( Don't forget to tuck-in to a company’s eco-credentials when you are comparing suppliers)

This cake made by Poppy (below) is called Rosie, rather fitting and actually my favourite...

- Beeswax candles can be expensive but worth every penny - they actually clean the air rather than put nasties in to it like most other candles do! The London Honey Company is one example.

- Glass bottles and jars re-used for table decorations. Not only is this a lovely personal touch as they will be your favourite wine / gin / jam etc, but it also means it’s free! You're giving the bottles a second lease of life and still, they’re recyclable after! Perhaps even try to use UK / locally produced drinks to keep the shipping minimal for extra eco-friendliness… Take a look at Pinterest for more inspiration.

- Potted plants instead of cut flowers – This is a lovely idea because you can then keep your wedding flowers alive as a little reminder of your wedding. You could even give them away to guests as wedding favours. Geraniums, little roses, green foliage, they could all make beautiful centre pieces.

- Real plants at the entrance instead of plastic decorations which are likely be thrown away after the wedding – Perhaps a couple of eucalyptus trees each side of the entrance? I am obsessed with Eucalyptus at the moment so perhaps that's slightly biased but just look at this...

Imagine one of these each side of the entrance!

- Hessian table runners – 100% biodegradable and can be washed gently in warm water and reused. Looks gorgeous down the centre of a table and more importantly, doesn't break the bank! Here is one local company that can supply your hessian needs!

- Plantable name cards with flower seeds in... Let the love grow! Here is one example:

- Straw straws (yes you read it right!) straws made out of real straw…. They don't go soggy, they're 100% natural and biodegradable, I mean, what more could you want!? Here is a link to some wheat straws... You're welcome :)

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any question in regards to your wedding! x

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