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Choosing the right Wedding Planner

Yes, the title doesn't quite match the content, but if I called it 'The financials' or 'I don't take commission' you would have already exited! Well, I would have done anyway.

The below is important information that I, as part of the UKAWP, I feel responsible for sharing, and it's VERY important for you couples too.


You should always ask in advance of signing a contract whether your wedding planner accepts commission.

Some wedding planners will not only charge you for their services but also accept commission from your wedding suppliers. This means that the suppliers will therefore increase their own costs to you as the client in order to cover the commission cost they will then pay the wedding planner.

I do not accept commission. As a Professional Member of The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners this is part of their code of conduct.

The carefully selected suppliers that I recommend to my clients are put forward because I feel the service they provide will be the most fitting for your wedding. Not because I will be receiving commission on their wedding services.

Of course, as I work in the wedding industry, I have the privilege of having a network of suppliers that I've worked closely with, and also, my fellow UKAWP members have recommended to me (preach!).

Of course every business can choose how they charge and how to operate. But the secrecy around commission and kickbacks is not fair to clients who enter into contracts blindly trusting. I feel that taking commission blurs lines: a couple needs to trust their wedding planner to recommend the best suppliers for their wedding, and not just the suppliers that will pay them commission to be referred.

We believe that if a planner is charging correctly, there is no need to supplement their income with kickbacks and commission . But, what the planner is earning is not the issue, it is the fact that many planners are not transparent about taking commission. They are recommending suppliers potentially based on profit margins. And more importantly, clients are paying 10-20% more for their wedding to cover the commission.

So, it's very important that before you start your journey, you have all the facts if you decide to go with a wedding planner who takes commission. (But be aware that your overall spend for your wedding day might well be higher in the long run)

Full Wedding Planning

For the Full Wedding Planning package service, an experienced and professional UK wedding planner will charge between 10 – 15% of your total budget spend. Most with a minimum fee applicable. This service includes finding your perfect wedding venue, sourcing high quality & trusted suppliers, attending meetings with florists, photographers, caterers, cake designers with you and so on...

This UKAWP Blog How much Do Wedding Planners Cost? which covers the subject of commission is a very informative read.

And if you would like to know more about my services, contact me, I would love to hear from you x

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